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A team may schedule a maximum of two practices per week, with a maximum of two hours per session. Please make request 24 hours in advance of desired date. We reserve the right to bump non-high school practices if the facility is needed by a high school team. Requests are processed in the order received. Leave facility as you found it.
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This facility is owned by the East Holmes Board of Education. All individuals using this facility are expected to abide by the following guidelines: 1. The facility can only be used when supervised by individuals who have been trained to use, and who have been issued, an East Holmes Local Schools issued Key Card. 2. All groups wishing to use this facility must request use from the athletic department. Requests can be made online at: Approval must be received in order to use the facility. 3. School district activities have priority in using this facility. 4. Guidelines for using this facility must be followed at all times: A-East Holmes Schools and its designee reserve the right to deny usage to any person requesting use of school facilities. B-The Key Card holder accepts full risk and liability for all participants using the school facility and does not hold the school district liable in any way for such use. C-The Key Card holder must take reasonable steps to ensure reasonable behavior by all participants and is responsible for paying for all damages associated with their use of the facility and/or equipment. D-The district reserves the right to charge a fee for use. E-Use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, and/or controlled substances are not permitted. F-The district is not responsible for the loss of valuables or personal property. G-Appropriate and proper attire must be worn when using the facility. H-Footwear that harms or damages the floor of the facility are not to be worn. I-The Key Card holder wishing to cancel an approved reservation must notify East Holmes Local Schools by accessing the on-line reservation form and so indicating; or contacting Hiland HS & MS at 330-893-2626. Failure to cancel an approved reservation is cause for denial of future requests. J-Individuals using the this facility without following the established procedures will be denied future use of district facilities. By checking the following boxed you are affirming acknowledgement and acceptance of the following terms and conditions. *
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