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Pretest World War I
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The sides of the first World War were basically
The reason for the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand was
Which one of the “Big Four” proposed the Fourteen Points?
Nationalism, militarism, imperialism and the alliance system are traditionally given as causes of which war?
Archduke Ferdinand was the heir to the throne of what European nation?
How did World War I end?
What treaty ended World War I?
What were the dates of World War I?
All of the following were underlying causes of World War I EXCEPT
All of the following countries were present at the peace talks at Versailles EXCEPT
Who was the leader of Germany in World War I?
The major impact of the Treaty of Versailles on Germany was that the treaty led to
Which statement best describes the relationship between World War I and the Russian Revolution?
“Archduke Franz Ferdinand Assassinated!” “Germany Declares War on Russia and France!” “Peace Treaty Signed at Versailles!” Which event is referred to in these headlines?
The MAIN reason the Versailles Treaty did not create a just and lasting peace was
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