National Prison Arts Survey
Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey. It has been put together by a steering committee seeking to better understand the need for a national prison arts association and how it can best serve potential members like you. Your input is incredibly valuable during this early stage.
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Artistic Discipline
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How long have you been engaged in arts in corrections work?
How have you engaged in the field of arts in corrections?
In what type of facility do you currently work?
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What is your organization's annual budget?
Would you be interested in joining a national support organization for arts in corrections?
Select the top three ways in which you would utilize potential national prison arts association services.
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How much would you or your organization be willing to pay to be a member of a national prison arts association?
Do you have any suggestions for the name of a national association supporting arts in corrections?
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Are you listed in the online directory of the Prison Arts Coalition?
If you are not listed and would like to be, please check here.
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