VLN Primary School Registrations 2020

Please complete this form as fully and as accurately as you can. All enrolments and registrations of interest must be made through this form and followed up by a spreadsheet with students details. Make sure you have read our Protocols of Participation so you understand your commitment and the costs of participating https://goo.gl/9lWvSX

Further info on getting started: https://goo.gl/YZNpd6

You will also need to download and complete our student enrolment spreadsheet: https://bit.ly/30o4jvU
Please email the completed document to primary@vln.school.nz
How did you hear about the VLN Primary programmes? *
Enrolment Type *
Are you making this enrolment for children enrolled in your school (school enrolment) or are you making an enrolment for your own child (parental enrolment)
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