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I've often wondered, how do our elected representatives make sure they are truly representing the community they serve? Certainly, involvement throughout the community connects us to a broad range of perspectives and canvassing introduces us to folks with whom we might not otherwise cross paths. This survey is just another attempt at a connection point.
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About the Survey
To develop the questions, I reviewed the Long Range Plan, past survey results, and past meeting summaries.   While I have created surveys in my professional life, this is not meant to be a statistically significant exercise. It is simply to get a pulse of thoughts and perspectives in case I don't have a chance to talk with you personally. Thanks for responding!
How important are the following to you?
Extremely important
Very important
Moderately important
Slightly important
Not at all important
Academic Excellence
Facilities that Enhance Student Learning
Finances that Enhance Student Learning
Dedicated and Talented Staff
School Community & Culture
Community Engagement & Communication
Clear selection
Comments about what is important to you
Expand, Maintain, or Reduce?
Expand a Lot
Expand a Little
Reduce a Little
Reduce a Lot
Staff Professional Development
Accelerated and Enriched Curriculum
Social Emotional Learning
Problem Based Learning
Community Engagement
Special Education Programs
D41 Funding
Language Programs (ELL, Dual, FLES)
Personalized instruction
Clear selection
Why and how would you like D41 to expand or reduce?
Improve or Maintain?
Improve Alot
Improve a Little
Staff Climate and Culture
School Safety
Balancing the mission of the District with fiscal responsibility
Board presents a positive image to the school community
Clear selection
Why and how should this improve?
Full Day Kindergarten (FDK)
Full Day Kindergarten seems to be a hot topic with many varying opinions. Let me know yours.
How important is it that D41 offer Full Day Kindergarten?
Not at All Important
Extremely Important
Clear selection
How much would you support FDK if...
I support it 100%
I support it a little
Neither support nor oppose
I oppose it a little
I oppose it 100%
FDK was housed at each elementary
FDK was housed at an Early Childhood Center
FDK was tuition-free to all
FDK had a needs-based tuition
FDK facilities were paid for from D41 savings account (aka reserves)
FDK facilities were paid for by another tax referendum ($15-30M or $50-100 Annually for $400k home)
FDK operating expenses were paid for with existing/future revenue (capped at CPI/inflation increases)
FDK operating expenses were paid for with an Education Fund Referendum (~1M additional or $3.50 annually for $400k house)
If FDK at each elementary pushed 5th Grade Students to a new facility
Clear selection
Your comments about FDK?
What else should I ask?
I'm sure I have missed something. Please let me know what additional things I should be asking. I'm happy to adjust the survey as we go.
Ask about these additional topics...
I want you to know my thoughts about....
About You
It helps if I know a little about you so I know if I'm capturing a broad range of perspectives across the community.
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