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If you are interested in joining this committee, please fill out your information below and send an email to Brian Bumpas (
Advocacy Committee *
The Advocacy Committee shall have primary responsibility for implementing and executing the GradGov GA’s advocacy goals. The Committee will work with the Director of Advocacy and the Deputy Director(s) of Advocacy to develop concrete goals on GradGov's initiatives, including: unionization/collective bargaining, building graduate student community, improving upon graduate student space, transportation, and spouse inclusion. This committee will likely convene twice monthly.
Internal Affairs Committee *
The Internal Affairs Committee shall be primarily responsible for reviewing constitutional amendments submitted by members of the GA or E-Board. These are smaller-scale amendments and not related to the Constitutional revision process (see below). In addition to this constitutional role, the Internal Affairs Committee shall dedicate its efforts to improving internal communications and systems of the Graduate Student Government. Specifically, this shall be accomplished through the development, improvement, and review of standard operating procedures; the organization and storage of internal documents; and a review of existing meetings and committees. This meeting will be held monthly.
Programming Committee *
The Programming Committee will be composed of 4-5 people. Meetings would be held leading up to events. Meeting times will be set based on the Programming Committee's schedules. The Committee will help take care of the logistical details like setting up, signing in, keep things running smooth, etc. and would receive free attendance to GradGov events at which they volunteer. Send a resume or an introduction of relevant experience to Heather Walters (
Constitutional Rewrite Working Group *
​GradGov is currently working with various student-run school councils and the University administration to rewrite our Constitution and restructure our organization. The Constitutional Rewrite Committee will lead these efforts and will solicit feedback from the community. After we have completed this entire process, we will present our proposed revisions for approval at the GradGov General Assembly. This meeting will be held twice monthly (not necessarily in person) and will present a revised Constitution by January 2017.
Working Group on the Groups Funding Process *
The Grounds Funding Process Committee will be comprised of students who are interested in having a say in both the process and policies that drive how student activity fees are allocated. There are a number of questions that are currently on the table that will be discussed: Should groups funding go to events that are not open to the entire graduate student population? What are the expectations before funding and after funding? How far in advance should student groups be requesting funding? What will groups do after in order to demonstrate that they have 1) spent the funds and 2) used the funds in support of an activity that benefited students? How many funding requests per semester are we willing to hear? Most of the discussions on these issues would be conducted online, though we would also likely hold one in-person meeting.
Student Activity Fees Working Group
This working group will investigate statistics on student activity fees at other Universities, examine the usage and allocations of Georgetown's student activity fees, and determine whether it is sensible to increase student activity fees for future administrations of the Graduate Student Government. This committee will likely meet twice monthly for the first semester, then once per month in Spring semester.
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Working Group on Collective Bargaining and Unionization *
In light of a recent National Labor Relations Board ruling, GradGov is working with the Doctoral Students Coalition and PhDs on campus to explore the benefits and drawbacks of collective bargaining and unionization. The working group would join with the Director of Advocacy to focus specifically on these issues. This Working Group will meet twice monthly or more frequently if needed.
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