1:1 Business Coaching #ForFlorists
So you're contemplating signing up for my 1:1 Business Coaching Program...this is SO amazing!

But I also know you're scared and a little apprehensive.

I get it.

It's OK.

You are in safe hands.

Here's my commitment to you:

• The container I create with my 1:1 Coaching program is a very safe, sacred space. It doesn't matter what experience or expertise you carry with you. It doesn't matter how many months or days or years you've been a designer. All that matters is that you have a dream, you are ambitious and want help turning your dream into a reality.

• You can do this. You are an intelligent, capable woman who is meant to do big things. I can help. I know what it's like to be in your shoes, to be a little bit hesitant. But I'm here to hold space for you. already know building a thriving flower business is possible for you too. I understand the frustration of wanting to do more but feeling as though you need guide to cut through the overwhelm and uncertainty


1. 6 months of 1:1 Coaching – you and me for45 minutes every second week. We'll dive deep into all things mindset, navigating business ownership and how to manage that human brain of ours

2. Supplemental Course Curriculum – where you have specific questions and want guidance, I'll provide resources, tools, and templates to make it even easier for you (or your team)

3. Direct DM + Chat – I'm by your side, ready to answer questions, provide guidance and hold you accountable to making it happen

4. Private Community – knowing you're not alone and you're not "the only one" is invaluable. Connect with other like-minded flower fairies from around the world in my private #ForFlorists community. This is 100% optional.

My program is like nothing else available to florists. We focus on all things marketing, money + mindset specifically for florists and I provide the A-Z blueprint to help you bring your biggest goals to life.

How much is your investment?

$18,997 USD paid in four instalments ($4,749.25USD up front, then every 30 days x 4)

Yes, this program will radically transform your business (and your life).

You can do this. I know you can! Submit your application and let's get to work my love.


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