#ItTakesRoots Pushback! Delegate Application
(Please note: This is an application for the #ItTakesRoots Pushback! delegation to DC. There are also conversations about translocal actions to take place at the same time that folks are in DC. Please be on the lookout from staff for more information on those actions.)

Co-convened by Grassroots Global Justice (GGJ) Climate Justice Alliance (CJA) and Right to the City Alliance (RTC)

Every day the landscape continues to change on a national level. The appointments Trump has made for his administration are clearly an assault on all the gains that people of color, women, immigrants, LGBTQ communities, and workers have fought for. This will have implications locally, nationally, and globally for years to come. Now is the critical time for a resistance movement to be visible and strong, on the defense and the offense.

The #ItTakesRoots Pushback! delegation is our response to this broader call to action. #ItTakesRoots comes out of previous delegations made up of Indigenous, people of color, women and queer, and frontline communities that have been at the forefront of fights against racism, Islamophobia, misogyny, and hate. It was originally named as part of collaborations between Indigenous Environmental Network, Climate Justice Alliance, and Grassroots Global Justice Alliance from the Peoples Climate March to Paris COP21 to the Caravan from the RNC to the DNC.

The #ItTakesRoots Pushback! delegation will include the following days of training and actions:
-- Wed Jan 18- Travel day, arrive at the meeting site (location TBD) by 5pm! Program starts at 6pm SHARP.
- Thur Jan 19: Training Labs covering the following topics (tentative): Community defense models with a basebuilding orientation; Women of color and gender justice fightback; Putting forth a vision of Just Transition with concrete demands; Direct Action trainings; security and safety trainings; Batucada training. We will then prepare for the J20 and J21 days of actions
-- Friday Jan 20: Decentralized Direct Actions and afternoon strategy conversation between members of Right to the City Alliance, Climate Justice Alliance, and Grassroots Global Justice Alliance.
-- Saturday Jan 21: Women’s March on Washington and delegation debrief dinner
-- Sunday Jan 22: Travel Day

The actions on Washington DC on January 20th and 21st are more than just two days of actions and marches. This is an opportunity to strengthen the grassroots organizing basebuilding organizations, and to also help us be in joint conversation and practice with those we want to build deeper relationships with in this moment. This is our opportunity to consolidate the ‘we’ and have conversations with our allies about how we will actually build that bigger ‘we’.

We will be selecting delegates based on members standing in the alliance, demographics of the delegation, and based on our resources.

Deadline for Application Consideration: December 21, 2016

If you have any questions, please reach out to the organizing staff in your alliance.
Right to the City Alliance- Tony Romano, tony@righttothecity.org, Malcolm Torrejon Chu, malcolm@righttothecity.org
Climate Justice Alliance- Yuki Kidokoro, yuki@ourpowercampaign.org, Chloe Henson, cja.chloehenson@gmail.com
Grassroots Global Justice Alliance- Helena Wong, helena@ggjalliance.org, Jaron Browne, jaron@ggjalliance.org

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How many delegates is your organization planning on sending to the It Takes Roots Mobilizations in DC in January?
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What are your organizational goals for participating in It Takes Roots Delegation and the mobilizations in DC?
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What are your individual goals for being part of the delegation?
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Please describe work you do in the areas of Racial, Gender, and/or Climate Justice.
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What are you interested in participating in during the Training Labs on January 18th and January 19th
Training topics may include the following. Check the ones that interest you most.
Are you connected to other organizations or delegations who are mobilizing to DC?
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Delegate Roles (check all that apply)
On ITR delegations we all take individual responsibility to help meet our collective goals and needs. Please mark an X next to the role(s) you may be interested in playing on the delegation:
Can you save the dates for 2 delegation prep calls on Wednesdays Jan 4 and Jan 11 from 1-3pmPT/2-4pmMT/3-5pmCT/4-6pmET?
Are you willing to fund raise to help to cover costs to participate in this delegation? Do you have experience with grassroots fundraising?
Up to 3 individuals per organization may be stipended. We are asking each delegate to fundraise at least $300 towards the total cost of the delegation. The co-convening organizations will cover lodging in shared rooms, local public transit (not including transit to/from airports), and up to $500 to cover airfare for people coming in from the West, Northwest, and Southwest. For those coming from the Midwest, Southeast, and Northeast, we will cover up to $200 in travel. At this time we will not cover food costs, although that may change if we raise more funds. We will help people set up web pages for grassroots fundraising efforts.
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