Establishing a cross-disciplinary global association for Telecollaboration and Virtual Exchange

The members of the INTENT consortium in collaboration with colleagues working in different disciplines in Europe and the USA are considering establishing a cross-disciplinary academic organisation to support telecollaboration practitioners and to promote telecollaboration in university education.
We are exploring offering members different services and benefits such as:
1. A reduction in the fee for the bi-annual conference on telecollaboration in university education
2. Reduced fee and priority in regional training workshops and online training events in telecollaborative practice and research organised by the organisation.
3. Training and support for doctoral and post-doctoral research in telecollaboration through professional development events and mobility opportunities
4. Support in preparing international project proposals related to telecollaboration.
5. Support for finding partners for telecollaborative initiatives.
6. An online open access journal.

As a practitioner in this area, we would like to hear your thoughts on this idea.
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