Jie Ming PTA: Our Money and Our Values
Hello, Jie Ming Community! The PTA budget is a statement of our values as an organization designed to support our school and families. Please help us craft the 2021-22 PTA budget by sharing via this quick, anonymous survey your reactions to a past budget and what you value as a member of our community. (We welcome and use all responses, regardless of your involvement in the PTA.)

Here’s some background. We need to pass a budget proposal now to guide the year ahead. The budget we pass will serve as a guiding document that can be adjusted as we move forward. The following is a rough breakdown of how the PTA budgeted money in 2018-19, the last “normal” school year.

Events: $16,570 (36%)
In 2018-19, this covered things like the Harvest Moon Festival ($3,220), the Chinese New Year performance, including funding for a dance teacher ($7,400 total), the spring STEAM fair and carnival ($3,350), and other school events like movie nights and a January open house for prospective families.

School/Staff Support: $15,600 (34%)
In 2018-19, this covered classroom grants for teachers ($4,400), the Wawayaya reading app (covered this year by school funds), a family activity fund aimed at sponsoring community building outside of school, and supplies for EDL classes.

Costs associated with fundraising and marketing: $11,200 (24%)
In 2018-19, this covered things like prizes and giveaways, mailings, advertisements via MPR and other local outlets, a school mascot, and spirit wear expenses.

PTA administration and meeting costs: $2,950 (6%)
In 2018-19, this covered things like printing costs, insurance, a Konstella subscription, MN/National PTA dues ($6.25/member), and childcare/snacks for in-person meetings.

A couple more things to keep in mind:

School-wide events will be limited this year (2021-22) because of Covid. School leadership has decided, for example, that we will not have a community-wide event to celebrate the Chinese New Year, as we have done in years past. If we are able to host big events, they will not take place until the spring. However, we may want to save money this year with the hope of a return to large events next year.

According to PTA guidelines, our spending should not exacerbate inequalities within the district by making Jie Ming better-resourced than other schools. For example, we cannot raise $1 million to build a state-of-the-art science lab with PTA funds, or hire an extra teacher (though we could fund Chinese tutoring or something else related specifically to our school’s unique needs).

With all of this in mind, please answer the following:
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The PTA budgeted $16,570 (36%) for events (in 2018-19). This level feels:
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The PTA budgeted $15,600 (34%) for school/staff support (in 2018-19). This level feels:
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The PTA budgeted $11,200 (24%) for fundraising/marketing costs (in 2018-19). This level feels:
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The PTA budgeted $2,950 (6%) for administration and meeting costs (in 2018-19). This level feels:
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Where else would you like to see PTA funds directed this year (2021-22)? (Check up to 3 answers.)
Please list any additional priorities or other comments here. Thank you!
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