Hirana's War Beta Reader Questionnaire
Please note that Beta readers will receive a revised copy of the book (pre-publication and pre-copy editing). In return for feedback on the book, you'll receive a free copy of Hirana's War. Please note that I cannot give out free copies of published works if I do not receive feedback. Thanks for your understanding!
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Have you read Eloia Born (or are you planning to finish reading it by October 10?) Hirana's War is the sequel to Eloia Born. It's okay if you haven't read Eloia Born, but I need to know as it helps me as I finish the final revisions. *
Are you able to read Hirana's War between October 11-November 10, 2019? *
Are you able to provide detailed feedback in e-mail or written format (a questionnaire will be sent out with the novel to help guide the feedback process). You aren't expected to provide pages of notes, just answer at least ten questions in detail from your reading with examples from the text. *
What are you preferences for format? (Please note that readers outside the Austin metro area will receive e-books) *
What genres do you enjoy reading? *
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What questions do you have about Beta reading?
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