2019 PTSA PRIDE Scholarship Wakefield High School
The PRIDE Scholarship is awarded to a student who has received a PRIDE award during his or her senior year. The PRIDE program recognizes students who have demonstrated positive behavior through words and actions, respect, integrity, honor, self-control, and excellence in the classroom.
Scholarship in the amount of $800 (non-renewable)
All materials due by April 19, 2019
Panelist Interview to take place after school on May 2, 2019
To qualify for the PRIDE Scholarship an applicant must
-be a Wakefield High School senior
-have received the PRIDE award during their senior year
-be a current PTSA member (and have a parent who is a current PTSA member) as of March 31, 2019
-be accepted to an accredited two or four-year college, business, technical or vocational school
Applications will be judged on the basis of
-Essay (30%) - to be submitted upon completion of this form to scholarships@wakefieldhsptsa.org
-Letter of recommendation (30%) - Faculty/Staff Recommendation form in the PRIDE section at www.wakefieldhsptsa.org
Panelist Interview (40%)
ALL requirements must be met or the application WILL NOT BE PROCESSED.
-Complete the Application Form and submit it by April 19, 2019
-Staff/Faculty member must complete Recommendation Form (to be directly emailed to scholarships@wakefieldhsptsa.org from the staff member's email wcpss email address)
-Submit a copy of an acceptance letter from the college or school you will be attending to scholarships@wakefieldhsptsa.org
-Submit an essay to scholarships@wakefieldhsptsa.org
-Participate in the interview session (date May 2, 2019)
-Submit all this form and all required application by April 19, 2019
Scholarship Award
Note: Scholarship Award will be presented at Senior Class Night on May 23, 2019.
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