Survey on female and non-binary DJs & producers in 2020 - by L'Appel du 8 Mars

L’Appel du 8 Mars has gathered a list of questions for female and non-binary DJs and producers around the world. It aims to evaluate leading trends on their preferred equipment, how they position themselves, what are their perception on production, the challenges they face in their careers and during this pandemic.

This survey is open to full time and part time DJs who are willing to give their feedback on what they consider being their profession or hobbies.

We would be grateful if you could take 4 minutes of your time to answer this 30 questions survey.

Thank you,
A8M Team
What is your gender? *
How old are you? *
Where are you located? *Please specify your country of residence: *
What type of music do you play and/or produce? *
For how many years have you been DJing/Producing? *
For you DJing/Producing is: *
What is your typical DJ/Live setup? *
On top of DJing, are you also producing? *
For those who answered yes to the previous question, how many tracks did you do/release in 2019/2020? *If you are not producing, please go to the next question
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What is your typical setup when doing live/production? *Please only answer this question if you are a producer
Do you think producing is a necessity today to get booked? *
For those who have regular gigs in bars and clubs, how do you manage your bookings? *
In 2019, on a monthly basis, how frequently did you play in bars/clubs/festivals (all venues combined)? *
Can you give a breakdown in percentage per type of venues where you played in 2019 (the total should equal to 100%)? For example: Anna is DJ and played 10% of her time at the radio, 60% of her time in bars, 10% of her time in clubs and 0% of her time in festivals in 2019. *
Bars (%)
Clubs (%)
Festivals (%)
Radio (%)
Overall, how are you welcomed as an artist in the following venues? 1 being poor and 5 very satisfactory *
Poorly received
With ease
Warmly welcome
Particularly pampered
I don't pay attention
How many hours do you perform at a gig most of the time? *
When booked at a party with other artists, when is your time slot? *
How would you describe your renown? *
How would you describe your status as DJ/ Live Producer? *
In 2019 and 2020, did you play for free? *
Usually, how long do you wait before getting paid following a gig? *
How much do you usually charge to play in the following venues: 1. bars 2. clubs 3. festivals 4. radio/live stream (please state the price in Euros as shown in the below example). Bar €XX/gig - Club €XX/gig - Festival €XX/gig - Radio/Stream €XX/gig *
Since the beginning of the COVID-19, have you been invited by any organiser to play for livestream events? *
If yes, which musical platform/social media have you used/been invited to perform?
For those you have been invited to livestream events, did you get paid? *if you have not played for such events this year, please go to the next question
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How do you see your career post COVID-19? *
During you career as DJ/Producer, have you experienced harassment/discrimination? *
If you were exposed to a serious case of discrimination or harassment, would you report it? *
What do you think about #forthemusic movement? *
Thank you for taking the time to answer our survey! Do you have anything else to share with us?
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