IPv6 Presales Questions
The list of questions below are REQUIRED in order for you to be considered as a candidate for our IPv6 proxies. Due to their sensitive nature of bans, we are only allowing in larger clients which presumably have their own software available to them (5000+ minimum IPv6 order).

Keep in mind that the public perception of IPv6 pricing should be less than 1 penny per IP is not true in Blazing SEO's case - we do not sell IPv6 proxies on the /64 basis which is the root cause of banning. We sell them on the /48 and /56 basis depending on the use-case, and additionally apply further rate-limiting on certain use-cases that will deny your connections to a specific IP for a period of time. All in all, it will be cheaper than IPv4 in many cases, but please bear that in mind.

IMPORTANT: The more thorough you are on your responses below, the more likely a followup will be had. This is a very premium and sensitive service that is not available anywhere on the market at this level of care and granularity for the benefit of your success.

Due to the limited amount of testers that have tried our service thus far, the service MAY be unstable - consider this a beta testing, in which you will receive a free testing period and be expected to provide your feedback of those tests.

What will your use case be? (Google, Instagram, etc) *
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Explain your use case more - how fast do you automate/scrape, what types of "bot protections" do you have in place, etc. We need to be sure your software is safe to be used on our sensitive clean network. *
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How many scrapes per min, accounts you're automating, etc, do you need to reach? For example - "100,000 searches on Google per hour." *
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How many IPv6 proxies are you looking to test and eventually purchase if they work? *
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Have you tried our IPv4 proxies or virgin/clean IPv4 proxies before this? Did they not work? If not, please explain why you're seeking IPv6 over our IPv4 proxy service. *
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What is your email? If your answers present a followup opportunity, we will add you to a private Slack channel to discuss more and/or set you up with a trial. *
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