Petition to BUSD for Interior-Locking Doors at Jefferson Elementary School
In light of past school shootings in Northern California and across the nation, We would like to address the continued safety of our children at Jefferson Elementary School, and would like interior-locking locks (like “Columbine”-style locks) installed on ALL of our doors. Currently, Columbine locks are only installed on the renovated portions of our school, which accounts for only a few door locks. We need a total of approximately 15 interior-locking locks to be installed in our classrooms/community spaces. We have been informed that the outer gates to the Jefferson Elementary School campus must remain unlocked at all times during the school day to be ADA-compliant. This means that the school grounds remain open, unlocked, and accessible to anyone at all times during the school day. As a result, we have a concern for their safety during a lock-down situation. The Jefferson Elementary School Community believes strongly that installing Columbine-style interior-locking locks is at a minimum yet a significant measure, that BUSD needs to make as their priority to ensure that our children can be protected in the event of an active shooter. The Jefferson Elementary School Community is VERY CONCERNED about this issue, and it is of primary importance to us.

This petition is to urge BUSD to:

1) Establish a reasonable yet expedited timeframe for when these safety locks will be installed on all Jefferson Elementary School doors.

2) As an immediate, stop-gap solution, coordinate with the Jefferson School Community, who are more than willing to help, to install temporary approved solutions to make our classrooms safer, such as door-hinge jams or other temporary interior locks.

3) Ensure that the BUSD budget includes the resources necessary to make sure these locks can be installed as soon as possible at Jefferson Elementary School.

Thanks for your understanding and our concern about the safety of our children. Please respond to Jill Loman, our PTA President at 510-520-3803 or, as soon as possible to inform the Jefferson Elementary School Community how BUSD intends to act upon this petition.


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