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The Geographical Society of Ireland welcomes applications from members for the sponsorship of local events. Examples of past events sponsored by the GSI include public lectures, symposiums, and film viewings. Funding to a maximum of €250 may be provided. Complete the online form in order to apply for funding. Please note, the GSI cannot fund honorariums for guest speakers. Requests for payment of sponsorship must be detailed in full and invoiced to the Geographical Society of Ireland as soon as possible after the event.

Organisations / individual applicants are only eligible to apply for funding once in any 12-month period. Applications should be submitted at least three months in advance of any proposed event, to ensure that applications can be considered ahead of the event at a Committee meeting.

If the application is successful, all marketing and literature relating to the event should include the GSI logo. You will also be asked to provide a brief report following the event for publication in Geonews and/or on the Society website.

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