Sign on Your Entity to Endorse the 2019 Vision Zero Texas Agenda
Vision Zero Texas is a project of Farm&City, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We have five bills that we are supporting in the 2019 Texas legislative session. 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations can lobby as long as it is not a substantial part of their efforts, often defined as less than 19% of expenses. We also welcome community and neighborhood groups and other not-for-profit entities, as well as cities and other governmental entities. If your private company or corporation would like to support the Vision Zero Texas agenda, please contact for sponsorship opportunities at our upcoming Session midpoint policy luncheon (which will be around March 19).

Endorsing these bills means that you give Farm&City the right to add your organization's logo and name to documents and websites related to these bills, and to list your entity as a supporter of this policy change. We may contact you about advocacy efforts when there are opportunities for contacting legislators or speaking at committee hearings, but you are not obligated to do any more than this simple endorsement.

You can read the entire Vision Zero Texas agenda here. Please feel free to share this pdf with anyone interested:

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