Explicit/Knockedup Applications
Thank you for clicking this form, we hope that you consider joining us within our roster for the maps coming! We are a faction who has strived for success and have been here from the beginning. We are a mix of elite hand picked pvpers along with a wide range of knowledge of cannoning as well as base creation. You must be 15+ to apply...
What is your Discord Name & ID? - Name#0000 *
What is your current In-Game Name? *
What Rank are you? *
Do you have Alternative Accounts *
Have you been banned before for illegal related events? If so elaborate... *
Have you previously played with anyone in the faction currently? (This may potentially increase your chance of joining) (Optional).
Link us your UUID details (NameMC) *
How old are you? (We do not accept 40 year olds or evo). *
How well can you speak English? (Optional)
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10 = 🙂
What is your strongest skill set(s?) *
How good are you at cannoning? *
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How good are you at Basework? *
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How good are you at PvP? *
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What do you do when you go and check walls/buffers? *
What is your Time Zone? If you do not know use: https://whatismytimezone.com/ *
How long are you able to be on? *
What makes you different to other applicants? *
Have you been in previous factions? If so list them... *
When a deadline is set will you be able to complete it on the exact time set? If not can you tell us upfront before the event occurs? *
Will you use your income to do jackpots/coinflips? *
What differentiates you between other people that makes you a better role model for others when (Co)Leaders are not online? *
If a faction member asks for you to check buffers because they are unable to at that moment in time will you do so? *
If you were to join the faction will you help people in need within the faction to boost their income (Like a loan)? *
If you have obtained god armour/weapons and want to sell them, are you going to sell it to the community if you don't get a good deal? (Think carefully about this). *
What Faction Top List do you care more for? *
Is there anything you would like to add? (If no put N/A) *
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