Teen Improv! Registration Form
Teen Improv! at the Red Room
Time: Wed, Aug 23, at 2:00-4:00 pm
Location: The Red Room, TAF

Join a lively Improv Drama Workshop hosted by Sharon Landon at the Red Room, custom tailored for teens from the ages of 12-18. The class will begin with warmups, and an introduction to Improv techniques which will then be applied in a series of games.

Age: 12-18, class size limited to 16 students

Online registration method:
1. Fill out the form below
2. Submit the form
3. Stage Time and Juice coordinator, Carol Yao, will contact you through email to confirm that you have registered.
4. Confirm that the information in the email is correct.
4. If paying through ATM, send an email with a copy of the ATM receipt.
5. STJ Coordinator will confirm that payment is received, and that the registration process is complete!

We will accept walk-ins on the day, but your space will only be considered reserved if payment has already been received.


由Sharon Landon專門為12-18歲青少年定製的即興表演活動!

時 間|2017/08/02 星期二 14:00-16:00
人 數│16人
年 齡│12-18歲
費 用│800元(已參加過8/2課程再次報名可享優惠價600元)
語 言|英文(全程將使用英文方式進行)

1. 填妥線上報名表 (資料不完全者視同取消)。
2. 「提交」送出。
3. 館方收到報名資料後,e-mail確認回覆。
4. 確認館方寄出之e-mail內容是否無誤。
5. 繳費。
6. 報名手續完成
(1) 活動當天現金繳費者。
(2) 匯款者,館方將依據報名表內提供之帳號末五碼,進行核對確認,並mail匯款確認回覆。


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