Real Life Library Volume 7: Celebrating Community - Book Application
Do you have a story about a personal experience of "community" that you'd like to share with your fellow community?

Awesome! We would love to help you tell your story at the Real Life Library Volume 7: Celebrating Community on Saturday, March 23 at Sequoya Branch Library.

We are collecting applications from people who would love to share a personal story at future Real Life Library events!

Never heard of the Real Life Library? Here is a brief video description of what it is and why we co-created it.

In case you didn't watch that video, we curate people as "Books" to tell a story. We organize a live event and invite other people to come to the event and "Check Out" and "Read" the "Books" by listening. We are curating "Books," people like you, who would like to tell a story (no longer than 20 minutes) that you wish you people knew about you.

We aren't expecting you to summarize your whole life story. Rather, we hope that you can pick a special story from your life that is rich with details and meaning to share with the world. The story should be specific to you. A personal story, not a pitch for a business.

If selected as a book, you will need to agree to:
1) participate in one storytelling and non-violent communication training (5:30-8:30pm on Tuesday, March 12, 2019).
2) attend and share your story three times at a live event (11am - 4pm on Saturday, March 23, 2019).
3) have your story video recorded so that it can reach and impact a wider audience (1 hour commitment, date TBD).
***All of these will take place in Madison, WI.***

Questions? Contact our team at

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