Meals During School Closure
Breakfast and Lunch will be available all I-S students March 16 through April 3 (Monday-Friday) free of charge. Meals can be picked up from 11a.m. - Noon at door 30 at the Middle/High School and at the Scandinavia Park (an I-S vehicle and staff member will be handing out meals at the park). (If transportation to a pickup location is an issue for your or your student please contact the school at 715-445-2411.)

Meals may vary but will consist of the following types of items:

Breakfast - muffins, cereal bars, string cheese, juice, milk
Lunch - PB&J, cold meat sandwich, hot entree tentatively served Monday/Friday, fruit, vegetable, milk

Please let us know how many meals you would like each day so we have enough prepared.

Thank you!
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Pickup Location
Tuesday, March 17th Breakfast (meals requested)
Tuesday, March 17th Lunch (meals requested)
Wednesday, March 18th Breakfast (meals requested)
Wednesday March 18th Lunch (meals requested)
Thursday, March 19th Breakfast (meals requested)
Thursday, March 19th Lunch (meals requested)
Friday, March 20th Breakfast (meals requested)
Friday, March 20th Lunch (meals requested)
Monday, March 23rd Breakfast (meals requested)
Monday, March 23rd Lunch (meals requested)
Tuesday, March 24th Breakfast (meals requested)
Tuesday, March 24th Lunch (meals requested)
Wednesday, March 25th Breakfast (meals requested)
Wednesday, March 25th Lunch (meals requested)
Thursday, March 26th Breakfast (meals requested)
Thursday, March 26th Lunch (meals requested)
Friday, March 27th Breakfast (meals requested)
Friday, March 27th Lunch (meals requested)
Monday, March 30th Breakfast (meals requested)
Monday, March 30th Lunch (meals requested)
Tuesday, March 31st Breakfast (meals requested)
Tuesday, March 31st Lunch (meals requested)
Wednesday, April 1st Breakfast (meals requested)
Wednesday, April 1st Lunch (meals requested)
Thursday, April 2nd Breakfast (meals requested)
Thursday, April 2nd Lunch (meals requested)
Friday, April 3rd Breakfast (meals requested)
Friday, April 3rd Lunch (meals requested)
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