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This is the registration form for the focus group meetings being organized by the Community Disclosures Network (CDN), where survivors will have the opportunity to provide input on how SSMU should move forward following the recent disclosures of gendered violence perpetrated by David Aird and Ben Ger. There will be three focus group meetings held on March 28th, April 5th and April 9th, which will be open only to people who have experienced sexual assault, and facilitated by one member of the CDN and a trained volunteer in sexual violence activism, in addition to the open forum on a sexualized and gendered violence policy to be adopted by SSMU, which will be held on April 11th. The agenda for the focus group meetings - which can be changed according to the needs and interests of each focus group - is currently the following:

- Introduction
- Facilitators will provide an overview of existing Sexual Assault Policy at McGill and relevant policies at SSMU
- Discussion on experiences with navigating these policies and suggestions for changes to be made
- Discussion on proposed action to be taken by SSMU
- Discussion on proposed action to be taken by CDN

We are asking that people register for the focus group meetings so that we are able to predict how many people will attend each meeting. It is completely understandable that some people will not want to provide this information, and you are welcome to use a pseudonym in your registration, or simply write 'anonymous' in the text box.

The focus group meetings will be held at locations off campus, and there will be two active listeners on site available for support, as well as fidget toys and stress balls. At least one of the spaces is wheelchair accessible, and additional details on the accessibility of these spaces is forthcoming. If you have any accessibility needs please let us know below.

Lastly, we want to be clear that the main purpose of these meetings is for survivors to provide input to the discussion on what action SSMU should take, in an environment that is as safe and as comfortable as possible. Both of the facilitators of this discussion have experience in pro-survivor accountability processes, and will be sensitive to the needs of everyone who chooses to attend these meetings. That said, this meeting is primarily a place to talk about SSMU policy and institutional changes, and people who are primarily looking for support should know that we are organizing a support group facilitated by trained volunteers that will be open to all those who have experienced any degree of sexualized or gendered violence by David Aird. To quote from our initial statement: "There is a great range of experiences that have come to us through either the anonymous form, by email, or through personal disclosures — all are welcome to participate, whether or not you have disclosed anything to our network previously, or are planning to in the future. All experiences are valid and worth talking about. If you would be interested in participating or would like more information — as well as if you have any thoughts or comments on how we can make this process more inclusive — please email us at".

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