Please use common sense at all times, be courteous to one another, and clean up after yourself.
Ogden Valley Open Market reserves the right to select and choose the vendors who participate in the market. A balance must be maintained between the different kinds of goods offered on the market. OVOM holds the exclusive right to determine that balance. *
Ogden Valley Open Market is not responsible for vendors' administrative paperwork (licensing, permits, etc). It is the vendor's responsibility to comply with all county, state and federal rules and regulations. Licensing and permit spot-checks occur, make sure all your legal paperwork is present. Non-compliance with the rules regulating the products the vendor is selling will lead to the offending vendor not being able to participate in the market until his/her papers are in order. *
The Mini Market is for kid-vendors ages 8-17. The parents/guardians are responsible for their children at all times.
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All vendors must be set up and ready to sell at the start of the market. Tear down is around sunset/dusk. The market committee will let you know when tear down is. The only exception would be an emergency. *
All vendors must set up tables, displays and tents properly. Tents must be weighted to the ground and/or staked to the ground, so that they don’t fly away with strong gusts of wind. Strong winds can come up fast and take us by surprise. You will be asked to take your shade down if it is not properly weighted. Safety is of upmost concern and importance. *
The placement of the vendors on site, is determined by the Market Committee. We will mark the places on the ground and assign the vendors a spot. These may not be changed. We place vendors to optimize traffic flow and safety. For vendors using a trailer in their set-up, you must have your trailer parked in your assigned spot by 5 PM sharp. *
If you are selling food items or anything that generates trash, you must have trash cans or bags to collect the waste and you carry it off the premises at the end of the market. The market doesn’t have any garbage cans. No trash left behind! *
You can only sell produce at the market that you grow yourself.
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The Ogden Valley Open Market committee reserves the right to exclude vendors from the market for failing to comply with these rules. *
By entering my name below, I show that I have read and agree to fully comply with the Ogden Valley Open Market's Rules. *
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