The Hard Games 2020
The Hard Games is a Minecraft event, all you need to join is Minecraft (Java) on computer.
The prices: 1st Join in making a video with DL/DP 2nd Shoutout
Highest non-ranked/VIP: MVP. 2nd highest non-ranked: VIP (this will only happen if there are more then 6
Aswer are allowed in English and Dutch! If you have anny questions contact Rumalijas via discord ( or via the #call-for-staff channel, our discord also provides updates about the event. Updates will also be provided on our webstore:
What’s your Playername ? *
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Can you play ? *
When can you play ?
We’re planning between april 6 and april 12!
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What games do you want ?
We have place for 6 games!
What do you have to say about yourself ?
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