APF‧Ahiru No Pekkle T-Shirt 訂購表格 APF‧Ahiru No Pekkle T-Shirt order form
我現訂購APF‧Ahiru No Pekkle T恤支持自閉症兒童。
I would like to order APF‧Ahiru No Pekkle T-Shirt to support children with autism.

查詢:電話 - 3583 0668/ 電郵 - info@apf.org.hk
Enquiry: Tel - 3583 0668/ Email - info@apf.org.hk

貨品資料 Product Information
T恤款式 T-shirt styles *
HK$188/ 1, HK$360/ 2
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訂購尺碼及數量 Sizes & Quantities of T-shirts
S1, M2

Please fill in the blanks according to the format below:
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S1, M2

尺寸表 Size descriptions (cm):
夜光版本T恤 Fluorescent light T-shirt
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燙金版本T恤 Gold foil T-shirt
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訂購數量 Number of T-shirt *
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捐款 Donation
我願意捐款 I would like to donate HK$
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付款及領取方法 Payment & Collection Methods
領取方法 Collection methods *
*如選擇速遞,需繳付附加費港幣30元。If choose delivery, additional charge HK$30.
提取地點 Redemption points
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速遞收貨地址 Delivery address
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付款方法 Payment methods *
1. 訂購貨品不能享有稅務減免。
2. 所有貨物數量有限,售完即止。
3. 只接受在香港訂購。
4. 愛培自閉症基金 (APF) 在收到訂購表格後會以電郵發出付款通知信,請根據信上的指示付款。
5. 自行領取的確認信上會附有授權書,您可授權親友代為領取貨品;如您是選擇速遞,每張訂購表格只限一個送貨地點,送貨地點只限港鐵沿線的工商大廈。
6. 取貨方法及地點一經確定,恕不能更改。如選擇自取,必需出示確認信,以作核實,工作人員或需閣下出示身份證明和個人資料以作身分核實。
7. 不設退貨及退款。如貨品質量出現問題,請保留產品及完整包裝(包括贈品),並在七天內與APF聯絡。
8. 貨品之照片只供參考。
9. 如因個人資料登記錯誤而導致未能送出購買確認電郵或取貨通知,APF恕不負責。
10. APF保留修訂有關條款及細則之權利。如有任何爭議,將以本機構最終決定為準。
11. 所有購買者將視作同意以上條款。

Terms and Conditions:
1. Tax deductible receipts will NOT be issued for any purchase.
2. All items are available while stocks last.
3. Only accept orders in Hong Kong.
4. APF will send a payment advice by email upon receipt of the order form. Customers are reminded to settle the payment according to the information mentioned in the letter.
5. There will be an authorisation letter with the confirmation email. You may authorise someone to pick up the goods on your behalf. If you choose delivery, we accept one delivery point on each order form only. The delivery location is limited to the industrial and commercial buildings along the MTR routes.
6. No requests of change in pick-up arrangements or locations would be accepted. If you choose self-pick-up, you must present a confirmation letter for verification. Our staff member may request for your identification documents and personal information for verification.
7. No returns and refunds requests will be accepted. If there is a problem with the quality of the goods, please keep the product and complete packaging (including souvenirs if any) and contact APF within seven days.
8. The photos of the goods are for reference only.
9. APF is not responsible for failures in sending a purchase confirmation email or pickup notice due to mistakes in registration of personal data.
10. APF reserves the right to amend the relevant terms and conditions. In case of any dispute, the final decision of APF will prevail.
11. All customers will be deemed to agree to the above terms.

聯絡資料 Contact Information
姓名 Name *
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手提電話 Mobile *
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電郵 Email *
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捐款者適用 Applicable to donors
收據上姓名 Name(s) on an official receipt
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我/我們 不需要 We/ I DO NOT need any
Thank you for your registration. For the details about payment procedures and collection methods, we will contact you by email very soon. Thank you.

愛培自閉症基金(APF) 嚴格遵守個人資料條例處理所收到的個人資料,並只會用於APF/愛培學校(APS)及受其委託的服務提供者與您聯絡。若您不願意收到APF及APS的宣傳資料及通訊,請電郵至info@apf.org.hk
Autism Partnership Foundation (APF) processes your personal data strictly in accordance with the Data Protection Act; and your data will be used by APF/ Aoi Pui School (APS) and their service providers only for communications between you and APF/APS. If you do not like to receive any promotional materials from APF/APS, please contact us at info@apf.org.hk.

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