Scholars Senior Project Funding Application
Generous Whittier Scholars alumni donations support the research and creative activity of current Whittier Scholars seniors. YOU MUST BE ENROLLED IN WSP 401 to be eligible to apply, and your project sponsor must submit a brief statement in support of your application.

Please Note: awards generally range from $90 to $300, and we encourage you to apply to the Dean of Faculty for additional funding for conference travel and other undergraduate research related activities.

Email address *
Project Title
Name of your Project Sponsor *
Have you applied for additional funding for this project? *
For example, Dean's travel funds, funding from a fellowship or scholarship, or other awards.
If Yes above, please give details on that application:
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Total Amount Requested *
Minimum Amount that would help you *
Since we have limited funds to distribute, we often cannot fulfill a request in full. What amount would be the minimum that would enable you to undertake the proposed activities in support of your senior project?
Estimated Itemized Budget *
Please put each dollar amount on a separate line, with a description of its purpose. Include estimated milesage at Federal , or use the results of searches for the cost of airplane or other travel expenses. Books or other Items you wish to purchase must have exact prices. This is an estimated budget, and, if an award is granted, you will have to submit receipts with exact costs in order to be reimbursed for approved expenses. IF YOU PREFER, YOU MAY UPLOAD A SPREADSHEET INSTEAD OF FILLING OUT THIS INFORMATION.
Planned graduation date *
Recommendation from Project Sponsor *
Please UPLOAD a statement of support from your project sponsor. These can be very brief -- a single sentence email -- or more lengthy. We strongly encourage sponsors to recommend a specific dollar amount of funding. You may upload the email, a letter or other statement, or even a screenshot. Just make sure that the statement is either signed by your sponsor or else is sent from the sponsor's email account.
Anything else you'd like to tell the committee to help us make a decision?
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