GoodWealth: Equity Compensation Survey
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1- When was the last time you received equity?
2- Did you consult anyone before signing your equity grant offer?
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3- If yes, what best describes this person: Friend/ Family member/ Lawyer/ CPA/ Financial Advisor
4- If you consulted a professional, what were the pros & cons of this experience? (Cons: hard to find an equity specialist, expensive, inefficient)
5- How often do you receive equity?
6-Do you manage and track your equity vesting progress?
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7- If yes, how do you manage your equity vesting progress? For instance, do you use software like Carta, etc. Elaborate in cost, time spent, etc.
8-What do you dislike about this?
9-If offered multiple equity grants, how do you manage all equity vesting progress?
10- Does your school offer help with understanding and managing startup equity compensation? If yes, can you post a link to this service?
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11- If No, would you sign up for a service that helps you understand, negotiate and manage your equity compensation?
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12- If yes, how much would you pay for this service?
13 -Is there any other aspect of equity compensation that we missed that you feel we should address?
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