GoodWealth: Equity Compensation Survey
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1- Have you consulted with an equity compensation/ tax specialist before signing an options package offered by your employer(s)?
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2- If answer to question 1 is yes, was finding the right tax professional time consuming?
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3- If answer to question 1 is yes, how much did it cost?
4- What is the hardest part about seeking advice on employee stock option/equity and receiving liquidity for those options?
5- Tell me about the last time you encountered this problem?
6- Would you sign up for a service that helps you understand your equity compensation package before you sign it and track your vesting journey and help you optimize taxes?
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7- Would you sign up for a service that helps you unlock the value of your shares and provide liquidity without selling on the secondary market?
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8- Would you be willing to pay a monthly or annual subscription?
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9- If answer to 6 is yes, at what price point would you be willing to pay for this service?
10- Would you like to receive this service via your subsidized employer benefit package?
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11- Is there any other aspect of equity/ options compensation that we missed that you feel we should address?
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