On belonging - community responses to home and the pandemic
Thank you for taking time to participate in my "On belonging - community responses to home and the pandemic" project! Your support and participation has added so much depth to the project.

I am still trying to understand what happened between 7:15 pm on Saturday, October 2 when I installed 50-60 ajrak fabrics and more than a 150 community cards, and after 7:15 am on October 3 after which the installation was removed or stolen. I have received a call from Pasadena police, and they are investigating the issue.

If you participated in the project in any way (viewed it, collected cards, filled out a card, or just viewed the work), please take a few minutes to fill this survey.  I plan to collect and share your words with the parks department and the city.

For now, the Victory Park installation is up for another few weeks, and all the cards that you filled out - and that were not stolen  - will be sent to my archive at the University of Houston after the project is deinstalled.  

For more details about what happened, please visit my blog: https://sehbasarwar.com/2021/10/07/theft-disappearance-of-my-on-belonging-community-responses-to-home-and-the-pandemic-project/
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Please write a sentence or two about how you connected with my "On Belonging - community responses to home and the pandemic" project and installation.
Any other thoughts that you'd like to share with the City of Pasadena and the parks department about your thoughts regarding city parks, temporary public art, my site-specific installation, community spaces and voices, or anything else?
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