We are currently planning to support 16 vulnerable children in Battersea with our Artists in Isolation project. <3

We will be creating art projects for each child to complete, keeping up to date with the young people and ending each project with a prize for each young person!
The video and work will then be shared on our Facebook and Instagram - encouraging everyone else at home to take part and , hopefully, we will then move on to another project!

Lead artists will need too:

-Create a simple activity that is easily done by a wide age group of children with minimal use of extra supplies & minimal parental supervision needed. (Ie. No scissors)

-With our support create an instructional video that clearly explains the steps & the aim.

-Source equipment that is affordable and easily ordered. (We pay)

We also need artists/creatives who can:

-Support an online youth group by joining a session, creating a short and doable workshop to give to a group. We will support you in delivering and facilitating this.

This is a one of role, however if you wished to do more than one project with us you would be most welcome!

As a volunteer & community led organisation with no funding sources, this is a volunteer role. However given the current economic circumstances we would like to offer a discretionary payment of up to £25 for all artists taken part.
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