HeNTAi jäsenyyslomake / membership application
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Jos olet Tampereen korkeakouluyhteisön jäsen, laita tuni.fi-sähköpostisi. If you are currently studying at Tampere Universities, please provide us with your tuni.fi e-mail.
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Kotikunta / Municipality of residence *
Your municipality of residence is the place where you legally reside according to the Finnish register offices. If you are staying in Finland for over a year, your municipality of residence is in Finland (most likely Tampere). If not, it is the city, town or village that you last lived at in your country of origin. If you have moved away from Finland, please enter the city, town or village that you are currently living in.
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Oletko TREY:n jäsen? / Are you a member of TREY? *
Oletko opiskelija Tampereen korkeakouluyhteisössä? / Are you a student at Tampere Universities?
Korkeakouluyhteisöön kuuluvat Tampereen yliopisto ja Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu. Tampere Universities includes both Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences.
Koulutusohjelma / Faculty
Jos opiskelet muualla kun Hervannassa, laita 'Muu' kenttään ainejärjestösi tai koulutusohjelmasi nimi. If you are a student from elsewhere than Hervanta, please use the Other section to give your subject organisation or your study field.
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