KoHC Winter 2020 Hobby Competition
Please complete this form to score each of the entries in the competition. Each entry needs a rating in the three categories:

- Painting - neatness and techniques used
- Modelling - how well assembled, based and, if applicable, converted (don’t deduct points if one isn’t applicable)
- Theme - colour choice, narrative and undefinable ‘I’d want that’ feeling

The ratings available are:

0 (Not Rateable [N/A]) - we expect this to be almost unheard of as no-one has entered unfinished models
1 (Poor)
2 (OK)
3 (Good)
4 (Great)
5 (Amazing)

Remember: you are rating the hobby skills on each entry, regardless of the miniature(s) used. Even if you don't like the particular original sculpt on an entry, this shouldn't affect the score you give it below.

VOTE ON YOUR OWN! - It is important that you give an honest opinion on ALL entries, including your own.

Image files:
As we have had issues with people being able to see the images when we made collages of the submitted pictures in previous competitions, we have decided to only display a single image in this form (we can only add one image for each entry), however, all the original pictures for each entry can be found in a shared folder at: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1QpF9i4aSJo6u2uTcUdykb1qhrQLeLhBd?usp=sharing
Rating Scale Explained
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