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2018-2020 Term
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Proposed Bylaw Amendment of elected term limits to improve access to leadership opportunities: Board Directors’ terms are for a period of two (2) consecutive calendar years. No member of the Board of Directors shall be elected to serve more than two (2) two-year terms. After this period, a Board Director must vacate the Board for at least one (1) year before being eligible to serve again as an elected Board Director.
Proposed Bylaw Amendment to increase transparency, accountability and diversity: The Board shall be comprised of elected Board Directors in compliance with the organizational bylaws. A position on the Board shall be created to include at least one public member. The Board shall reflect diversity in geography, culture, language, lactation practice setting, discipline and expertise relevant to the Board’s needs.
Proposed Bylaw Amendment to ensure confidentiality: Members of the Board must acknowledge that during the time of service access to confidential information will be provided. Each Director agrees to not disclose such confidential information except for the proper conduct of SELCA business.
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