Welcome! You’re reading this today because you may want to attract/improve any of the following:

✨More money
✨Better health
✨A fulfilling relationship
✨A career that you feel passionate about
✨Advancement in your own business
✨Opportunities that fall into your lap
✨Stronger Law of Attraction mindset
✨Manage your emotions, and release resistance/limiting beliefs holding you back
✨Self-love and acceptance
✨Increase in productivity and personal growth
✨Someone you can open up to completely confidentially without judgement , and gain accountability for your results

Are you ready to Manifest all the success you are deserving of? Let’s get creating!

Thank you for your interest 🙏
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For a 3 month program - The Investment is £1197. Or 3 monthly instalments of £399. This is broken down as 8 hours over 12 weeks, plus Whatsapp access to Esther in between calls, custom EFTs made for you and access to live moon & speaker sessions in Esther's women's membership.
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