Fresh Films Academy Application
Fresh Films Academy programs are coming to a select number of schools and organizations in metro Atlanta, Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles, and other cities nationwide to engage youth in filmmaking and essential skills while exposing them to career pathways in the film industry.

For each Fresh Films Academy, the participating school/organizations receive:
-Camera, lights, sound & editing software
-Weekly project-based film program where students produce themed film projects
-All instruction and curriculum from Fresh Films via live virtual instruction

School/organization commits to:
-Providing space and a program facilitator (2.5-3 hours/week)
-Recruiting a minimum of 12 youth for weekly participation

Open to:
Schools/Organizations working with 8-12 graders of any film experience level

Please fill out this form to apply to bring a Fresh Films Academy to your school/organization.
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Does your school/organization have physical space for youth to meet for weekly Fresh Films film trainings? *
Does your school/organization have access to computers or a computer lab to be used periodically for film editing? (Fresh Films will provide editing software.) *
Can your school/organization provide a facilitator for weekly meetings? (Fresh Films will provide virtual filmmaking instruction.) *
Does your school/organization currently have other film or media-related opportunities for youth to participate in? *
If you answered "Yes" to the question above, please briefly explain what opportunities are available and what having a Fresh Films Academy and weekly club would add to those experiences.
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