2019-2020 Tzu Chi High School Group (TCHS) Student Application Form 北加州慈濟高中團新生/舊生申請表
1. 報名費:5/31/2019 前報名,2019 年團費= $50/年。
2. 手續費:報名晚於 5/31/2019 者,酌收每月遞增 $10 之手續費。例:6/1/2019 報名,請交 $50+10= $60; 8/1/2019 報名,請交 $50+30=$80. 以此類推。
3. 請勿事先繳交任何費用。所有新生家長請務必參加『新生家長說明會』,並當場繳費。第二次說明會將在八月舉行,您在說明會之前一周內將會收到邀請。如果沒有收到通知,請與我們聯繫。
4. 學期開始 ( 九月第二個星期日),不再受理退費事宜!如果有任何疑問或特殊需求,請隨時聯絡高中團。

* 請注意: 所有新舊學生都請填寫此申請表 ( https://tinyurl.com/TCHS2019-2020 );
* 登記不等於註冊成功!您的資料將登錄於我們的候補名單中, 隱私資料不會外流。如在填寫後需更新個人資料(例如電話號碼更動), 請重新填寫申請表, 並在備註欄加註。
* 更多詳情請參考 https://goo.gl/AUnS6Qhttp://nca.us.tzuchi.org/tchs/main.
高中團電子郵件 TCHS email: tcnw.tchs@gmail.com ; 高中團電話留言 TCHS voice mail: (408) 471-6898

1. Registration Fee:$50 per student per year, if sign up by 5/31/2019.
2. A $10 PER month late fee will be imposed besides the registration fee if sign up after 5/31/2019. For example, if a student sign up on 6/1/2018, the total fee will be $50+10=$60.
3. Please do not send your registration fee to Tzu Chi yet. All new parents are requested to attend the "New Parent Orientation" from 2 PM to 4 PM on Apr. 28, 2019 to sign the registration paper and pay the fee. A second orientation will be held in August and you'll be invited one week ago if you miss the one in April.
4. The registration fee and late fee is not refundable after the first class. Please contact TCHS whenever special attention is needed.

* ALL students (new or returning) interested in joining TCHS from Sep., 2019 to May, 2020 MUST fill and submit this application form online.
* Please note that submitting this form does not guarantee your enrollment. Instead, you'll be placed on our waiting list. Be sure to update your contact information by submitting a new application or notify TCHS should there be any change.
* Please refer to https://goo.gl/AUnS6Q and http://nca.us.tzuchi.org/tchs/main for more details.

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