Early December Batch - Helper Application
Thanks for your interest in applying for the Helper position for the Mineplex Trainee Early December Batch - consisting of messcat, AbsentAccount, and z609. Please fill out the form truthfully and honestly. We will check this application's responses once every week or so. You will receive a friend request and PM from us if we determine you are fit for the position.

Position Responsibilities:
- Monitor all chat channels for spam and users breaking rules
- Punish users properly and effectively, with proper leniency
- Handle other responsibilities and tasks given to by Batchees

Position Requirements:
- Must be a Community Member (use !community anywhere)
- Must be active on the Discord server, and communicate with others
- Must respond to users in a professional manner
- Must help users with Mineplex-related questions or comments by providing them the right resources -- otherwise, redirect them to @Batchee for further assistance
- Must not have any valid warnings, mutes, or bans on the Discord server
- Must not be Network Banned on the Mineplex network

Please be honest with ALL answers. We can and will check this information.

If you are ready to proceed, click Next!

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