WAOA Membership Application
These dues include membership for one designated individual, such as the airport manager. Additional individuals, such as Airport Board members or other employees may be added for $50 each. Only paid members of WAOA will receive member rates at WAOA conferences. Each airport, regardless of its total number of individual members, receives one vote on WAOA matters. Organizations will be allotted as many listings in the membership directory as paid memberships.

Once this form is submitted, the Association will send the designated member (below) an invoice for the total membership dues.

Commercial Service Airports:
Less than 20,000 enplanements: $500 per year
20,001 to 50,000 enplanements: $550 per year
50,001 to 100,000 enplanements: $850 per year
Over 100,000 enplanements: $1,100 per year

General Aviation Airports: $50 per year
Corporate Membership (non-voting): $250 per year

Individual/Non-Corporate: $50 per year
(Only Available as an add-on to other memberships for additional members of an organization or for an individual not affiliated with an Organization (i.e. interested party, retired members))

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