Touching Spirit Bear Questions Ch 1-5
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1. Why is Cole Matthews banished to live alone on an island in Southeast Alaska for one year? *
2. Why doesn’t Cole trust Garvey, his parole officer? *
3. Cole has a habit of blaming others for his mistakes. Which of the following is an example of this behavior from the text? *
4. What is one of the first signs that Cole does not plan to honor his commitment to stay on the island fora year? *
5. Living alone on an island off the coast of Alaska can be very dangerous. How does Edwin try to convince Cole of both the danger and Cole’s personal responsibility for survival? *
6. According to Edwin, what can be learned from the animals on the island? *
7. Cole is very good at manipulation. Which of the following is an example from Chapter 2 that shows how Cole manipulates people? *
8. Why does Cole burn down the shelter Edwin had made for him? *
9. When Garvey asks Cole what he doesn’t like about his life, Cole’s answers reveal that his parents are abusive and neglectful. Which of the following is NOT an example of his parents’ behavior? *
10. Which of the following are NOT ingredients in Cole’s life cake? *
11. Cole plans to swim from island to island until he finds a passing boat to take him to the mainland. What happens when he tries to carry out his plan? *
12. As he rests on the coals, what strong and haunting realization scares Cole more than anything else? *
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