Townhall Dialogue Board Application

Attention: Talented Townies!

The Townhall Dialogue Series Board of Directors is looking for a new Treasurer. You would be joining our DC-based organizing team, working with a fun (at least we think so) group of folks to develop content for future dialogues and taking a lead on the organization's finances and fundraising.

As organizers - we have fun and dialogue creation can be some busy work. So if you have some time to give - here's some information to get started!

Who We Are.

The Townhall Dialogue Series is a small, volunteer-led organization aimed at fostering community through facilitated conversations that explore the diversity of the DC Muslim experience. In less than two years, we've brought hundreds of participants together to talk about issues and experiences that are important to them.

Our Success, Our Community & You.

Our success reflects the contributions from our community -- people who want to stay connected with us and believe in what we do. We are looking for someone who can foster and build on these amazing relationships, bringing quality discussions to the communities we serve. That's where you come in!

Role & Responsibilities.

Here's what we're looking for! Someone who can:
+ Create and lead our fundraising strategies (be innovative!)
+ Maintain the accounts, expenses and keep an eye on the overall financial health of the Townhall Dialogue Series; and
+ Play a part in planning and executing the Dialogue Series events.

Qualifications & Experience.

We're looking for someone who:
+ has attended at least (1) previous dialogue and able to commit for at least the next six months;
+ is organized and able to collaborate with a diverse team;
+ has some innovative ideas in mind for fundraising;
+ demonstrates an understanding of, and commitment to, the Townhall ethos and displays an inclusive attitude towards differences in identity and belief

Interested in applying? Here's a few questions as a part of your application!

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