Binder Donation Form
Use this form to schedule a pickup of any binder donations you have or get more information about shipping. Donations will be redistributed through DCATS Binder Exchange Program. See more info at

If you are scheduling a pickup, you will be texted to schedule a specific pick up time. Contactless pickups are preferred, if possible. Pickups will be scheduled only if you live within 45 minutes of Washington, DC.

If you would like to ship your donations, fill out the form to receive the shipping address. If you cannot afford to ship them, we will reimburse you if you ship 4 or more binders using a USPS Flat Rate Box which costs $8.30. We can reimburse via Venmo or Paypal only after you send us a receipt and tracking number.
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Are you interested in shipping your binders or scheduling a pickup (Must live within 45 minutes of DC)? *
How many binders do you have to donate? (We do not accept sports bras, surgical binders, or swim binders) *
(SHIPPING ONLY) If you would like to ship your binders, can you afford to pay for shipping? The cost to ship a small USPS flat rate box of binders is $8.30 or if you just ship 1-2 first class, it should be about $5. Note: We can only reimburse if you send 4 or more binders. If you pay shipping, this cost is tax-deductible.
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