CSSS 10th Anniversary Award
The Carleton Science Student Society (CSSS) is celebrating its ten year anniversary. Throughout these years, the CSSS has run events and fundraisers to improve the university experience for Carleton University Science Students. The CSSS Anniversary Award allows students to recognize the impact that the CSSS has had on their university experience. In honour of 10 years, ten CSSS Anniversary Award will be given to students with a value of $100 each. The deadline for submission for the CSSS Anniversary Award is is February 8, 2021 and recipients will be notified March 26, 2021.
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What impact has the CSSS had on your time at Carleton University? Use examples and how they have specifically helped you on your journey. Please feel free to look at our website (www.sciencesociety.ca) for more information about the CSSS. (1500 characters max) *
Please describe at least one way that you would improve the CSSS? Is there anything you would like to see from the CSSS in the future? How would this change benefit Carleton University students and/or the Carleton University science community? (1000 characters max)
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