Mental Health in Brass Bands Charter
Thank you for endorsing the Mental Health in Brass Bands Charter developed by Mode for...

By endorsing the Mental Health in Brass Bands Charter (MHBBC) you are signalling that you are dedicated to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of musicians in brass bands.

You acknowledge the power of language, conversation and awareness in moulding social attitudes and declare your intention to reduce stigma around mental illness and support the emotional fitness of individuals through awareness, protective measures and respect.

You will do your best to:

• Ask individuals ‘how they are feeling?’ with an intention to hear the answer.
• Learn about appropriate language which will help de-stigmatise mental illness and suicide.
• Understand the difference between mental health and mental illness.
• Implement a wellbeing and mental health policy into your band or organisation (available for free from Mode for... if required)
• Actively promote a mentally healthy environment in your band or organisation to act as a protective factor against mental health issues.

You can endorse the charter as an individual or on behalf of your brass band or organisation.

When you have signed the charter, please use the official logo image and share on your website and social media. Feel free to tag in Mode for... and use the hashtag #brassonthemind.

You can find us on social media:
Facebook: @brassonthemind or @modefor.
Insta: @modeforpublishing or @modefortabbykerwin
Twitter: @tabbykerwin

The names of those endorsing the MHBBC may become public knowledge but any contact details will remain confidential.

Thank you for your support.
Much Love
Tabby & the Mode for... team

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