The Inkpot Turkey Booking Form 2020
How does this work?
- Well welcome to the 'Hundred club'! We have one hundred very happily reared, (too) free range, organic turkeys available for this year. So we are calling you the hundred club.. the lucky ones to be gobbling an Inkpot Turkey this season...

- The turkeys happily grow and munch their way round the young trees at the Inkpot through summer and autumn. At the end of November they go to the small and friendly, family run, on-farm butchers who do the deed with care and respect for us. I bring them home and log all their sizes before putting them in the freezer.

- You fill out the form below and follow the link to pay a £25 deposit which will secure your turkey for this year. The deposit secures your booking, it confirms your side of things, however we have nature on our side of things.... Farming is a risky business, whilst we take every care to keep the animals alive and very well, turkeys sometimes fight, foxes get hungry, accidents and illness happen... It is possible (but very unlikely) that we don't end with as many turkeys as we take orders for... see bottom of form for options on this.. However we will do our very best not to leave you high and dry.. If you order a turkey from us and we cannot filfull the order ourselves, we will do our very best to find you an alternative that is nearly as good x

- On the form make a request for the size (range) you would prefer. Once all the turkeys are back from the butchers and their weights are logged, I can match the right turkey to the right gobblers and then will let you all know the size of turkey you will be getting (I will get as close as I can to your size preferences, sizes will be allocated on a first ordered, first matched basis). I will then let you know the balance you will need to pay and the final arrangements will be set for you to sit back and wait for your seasonal feast to arrive!

Please take a moment to fill out your details below so we can get your turkey to you at the right place and time...

(All of our turkeys are frozen. NB they take 2 days to defrost!! It is possible to refreeze turkeys however if you wish to defrost them, make a number of smaller portions or cook a freezer full of meals and save for another day)
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The general recommendation is 2lb per person... get more if you have big eaters, or want plenty for making other meals and freezing for another day... (£15.95/kg plus P&P). We have turkeys of a variety of sizes, but they will be reserved on a first come, basis. If we do not have the exact size you want it is best to go bigger and make a spare meal or two for the freezer (One family of 4 has made 24 meals from one of our turkeys!!) This year we have set a minimum price of £45 plus P&P. Checking with other turkey suppliers I have been undercharging for our tasty turkeys and would run at a loss if we charged purely the pure kg price below this weight.
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Phone number (needed for deliveries - I promise not to randomly call you or pass your number on)
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If for some reason all the turkeys got killed by a very hungry fox or by some freak act of Goddesses, what would you like us to do with your money? *
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If you have had an Inkpot Turkey before how would you describe it? Why have you decided to buy again? (We'd love to use these words to share your views with others thank you please)
Anything else you would like to tell us?
How do I pay?
To confirm your place in the list for a turkey please pay £25 deposit here ( Then please wait to hear from The Inkpot to confirm we have the size you are getting, and the balance you will need to pay.
Congratulations, you are one step closer to a delicious healthy feast!
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