How may I be of help?
Hey there, I'm Shaun.

I started this pay it forward initiative where I give away 2 hours a week from my schedule to help you with whatever I can. FYR, here's a list of things ( I think I may be able to help with.

Please note that a successful submission doesn't guarantee anything. I will reach out if I decide to pick up your task.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email at or DM me on Instagram (@shaunyapco).

Looking forward to your submission!
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I'd love to know you by your name but if you don't feel like sharing it, let me know how should I address you.
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Leave it blank if you prefer I contact you via email.
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Should I decide to pick up your task, I'll reach out to find out more. If you don't hear from me, it means I'm occupied otherwise.
What do you need help with? *
Here's a list of things ( I'm able to help you with. Please elaborate as much as possible and it'd be helpful for me to prioritize if you can share why you need my help. Feel free to share if it's out of the list too! I'd love to be surprised and explore new things.
Estimated time needed *
This is for me to estimate if I have enough bandwidth for more than 1 task in a week, and it's totally cool if you think it takes 2 hours.
Is this for commercial purposes? *
I'm open to working on commercial tasks, for free. If you'd like to pay, all proceeds will be donated. If payment isn't the best option, I do hope you can pay it forward, perhaps join me on #givingwhatyoucan! :)
Please note that I can only work on your request (should I decide to pick it up) during weekends, leave it blank if it's not time urgent.
Can I share it on social media? *
I'll share a little about the task on my Instagram in hope of getting more people to join #givingwhatican. Please let me know if you're not comfortable with it.
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