A Timeless Love Series (BWAM Edition)
Thank you for your interest in this 2021 AMBW time travel series. (This is not a boxset.)

A Timeless Love Series - BWAM Time Travel romances
(Black woman – Asian man)

Series premise: What if the person you were meant to be with was born centuries before you or maybe centuries after you? Would you travel through time to be with your soul mate? This series will take our readers back in time or catapult them into the future with tales of love that are timeless. Think Asian Dramas but featuring black heroines. Can be dark romance but must have a happily ever after. No cliffhangers. Love triangles are welcomed!

Fee: $75.00 to cover giveaways and promotions.

Genres: Paranormal romance. Contemporary with a hint of paranormal. (The time travel aspect can be the only supernatural part of the book.) Sci-Fi romance. Fantasy.

Word Count: 45k and up.

Price range: $2.99 and up. (You choose your preorder price. But no book can be below $2.99 after your release date.)

Kindle Unlimited: Books must be in KU for at least three months.

Time period: You choose your time period. Your heroine or hero can travel to the past or leap forward to the future. You choose. But they can't be from the same time period.

This is a fictional work, so you can take liberties with names of emperors, kings, and queens and things like that. But please be respectful of the culture and do your research for the period you choose. Your work can be an alternate reality. For example, in your fantasy world, maybe slavery never existed and social status isn’t based on race.

Author responsibilities:
Each author is responsible for their own book cover, editing and releasing their book. Each author is required to cross promote each book in this series.

Covers: Your cover can be however you want it to be. But it must have the Timeless Love logo in the top corner of the book. The logo can be emailed to you or added to your finished cover for you by me.

Cover reveals and release dates: There will be two sets of releases. For season 1: Cover reveals will take place in January 2021. Books will release in June 2021. For Season 2: Cover reveals will be in May 2021 and the books will release in October 2021.

Fee: $75.00. The fee is to cover giveaways and shipping expenses. (There will be multiple giveaways.) It’s also to cover ads and promotions done by I Love Diverse Romance.
(Send fee via PayPal to: diverseromance@gmail.com)

Payment/refunds: Season 1: Payment in full due by December 1st. 2020. No refund given after January 1st. 2021. Season 2: Payment in full due by Feb 28th 2021. No refund given after April 1st 2021.

Purpose of this series is to gain visibility and increase our sales. Cross promotion is key.

Limited spots available.

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The fee is $75.00. Would you like to pay in full or send in two payments? (Send fee via PayPal to: diverseromance@gmail.com)
Do you understand that the fee must be paid in full by December 1st, 2020 for season 1 and Feb 28th, 2021 for season 2?
Do you understand that no refund will be given after January 1st, 2021 for season 1 nor after April 1st for season 2?
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