'Youth in a Pandemic' Registration
Welcome to the Registration form for 'Youth in a Pandemic'! We are excited to have a slew of amazing instructors for this Devised Theatrical Piece. Directed by Sean Britton-Milligan with classes by Steve Duprey (Acting Coach); Kamilah Bush (Monolgue and Poetry); Lucas Riegel (Scene writing); Tommy Crawford (Songwriting); Rob Carson (Adapting Shakespeare) and Kate Duprey (Technical Aspects of Virtual Performances)

EVERYTHING WILL TAKE PLACE ONLINE! Classes/Rehearsals will take place on ZOOM. Performance Rehearsals and Performance will take place on SKYPE, more info to follow.

Please fill out all of the requested information in this form to the best of your ability. Everyone who registers is guaranteed a spot in this event!

Check out https://www.genevatheatreguild.org/classes-info for more information on the classes offered.
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