YCL Membership application
Thank you for your interest in the Young Communist League of Canada! We think you have made a good decision by applying to join.

Membership where we have an active committee or club is forwarded to that club, otherwise applications are approved by the YCL Central Executive, after receipt of an initiation of $2.00 you will get your official card.

If you haven't read the "Declaration of Unity and Resistance" and the YCL's Constitution (both available in the "about" section of this site), it is a good idea to read these documents as they are central to what the YCL is all about.

This form is a detailed application and shouldn`t take longer than five minutes. If you haven`t -- don`t worry, we`ll get to that!

The Young Communist League is a mass-based organization that aspires to be a Marxist-Leninist force in the youth and student movement, and in the struggle for socialism. We are a voluntary organization of young workers, students and classes and strata of the population which are exploited and oppressed by Canada’s monopoly capitalist system. We struggle for socialism, and have no interests separate from those of the working class.

At the end of this form, there is a link to more information about the YCL and the next steps for you!

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Please note that the maximum age for joining the YCL is 30.
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