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We order parts roughly twice per month. Please use this form if you want to buy parts or tools. Prices will generally be better than retail, and if you are a volunteer of Bike Root with at least 20 hours contributed, your price will be only the item cost: you pay what we pay!

1. Go to https://www.livetoplaysports.com/en/catalog/

2. Browse for the items you want in the "Parts", "Tubes & Tires", or "Tools & Lubes" tabs (we are unable to acquire items in other tabs)

3. Copy the item number (Looks like this: "312802-01") and paste it in this form. If wanting multiple items, please use a comma between item numbers like this: 312802-01, 312802-01, 312802-01

4. We will be in contact within a week or two (before we place the order) to confirm if the item you want is in stock during this time when the entire supply chain is strained, and when you can expect your item(s), as well as let you know the price we will charge for the item(s).

5. Visit Bike Root any time (with a "buy parts" appointment: http://bikeroot.ca) after we contact you saying that your item(s) have arrived, pay for it then, and be on your way knowing that you are helping us grow the cycling community in Calgary!

OPTIONAL INVOICE: If you would rather have an invoice emailed to you, let us know, and you will be able to pay for it from your home computer/device, minimizing time and contact while inside Bike Root during the current health climate. For significant purchases (in the hundreds of dollars), we may send you an invoice and request that you pay for it before we order the item(s).
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If not already a member, the $10 annual membership charge is required to unlock these extra savings and will be added to your order. Also included in your membership is access to the workshop, tools, fluids, equipment, and knowledge from our friendly volunteers. We will check your membership before placing the order to ensure that it is active (membership is valid 365 days from signing up), and if it has expired, we will let you know so that you can renew it when you pick up the parts!
Item Number(s) from the Live To Play website: *
Refer to image to ensure you have the right number. If you would like more than one item, please add a comma between items. If you want multiples of the same item, please indicate the multiple before or after the Item Number like this: "3x 312802-01, 312802-01 x8". Some items (especially tires), do not seem to be showing an item number. If that's the case, please input the URL and any specific sizes or varieties in this section or the comments section.
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