Leadership Iowa Location Nomination
Leadership Iowa is often looking for new, unique locations across the state for classes to visit each year. Hosting a Leadership Iowa session is exciting and beneficial for the community host, and provides a unique opportunity for 40 current and emerging Iowa leaders to visit a location they may not have had the chance to explore otherwise.

If you live in or know of a community that would make an excellent Leadership Iowa session host, we want to hear from you! Please complete the information below to the best of your ability to nominate a host community for Leadership Iowa.

*Note: Nominations are accepted at any time and will be re-considered each year. If you nominate a community and it is not selected for the next LI year, that still leaves the opportunity for it to be selected in the future.
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Are there any months that the community would be UNABLE to host a session? (Sessions are typically held Thurs. - Fri. within the first two weeks of the month)
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What session topics would be appropriate for this community? (e.g. Education, Economic Development, Agriculture, Public Safety/Security, Health Care, Community Vitality, Entrepreneurship, Environment/Natural Resources, Transportation, Workforce, Advanced Manufacturing, etc.) *
Within the community, what are some places of interest for the class to tour and/or visit that may be relevant to the session topic? (e.g. manufacturer, organization/business, unique/historic site, etc.) *
Does the community have lodging (hotel) large enough for the class and staff (45)? *
Does the community have local restaurants and catering available that could potentially accommodate 50 people? *
Does the community have additional meeting facilities available for 50+ guests, if needed? *
Does the community have transportation or transportation companies in the area for the planning team to reserve, if needed? *
Are you willing to help coordinate the session? *
Please list names of any other support members who may wish to assist with the planning and execution of the session (LI alumni, board, community leaders, etc.).
What potential corporate and/or community sponsors may be available (e.g. meals/breaks, in-kind or financial donations, complimentary facilities)? *
Please note any additional benefits or comments that we should know when considering this community.
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