Fickle Creek Farm December 2017 CSA
We just couldn't let one more year go by leaving December out of our CSA calendar...

Sign up for our December CSA and save 10% on meat! Access this form online at
5 Deliveries, in Chapel, Hill, Cary-Morrisville, Durham, and Efland

Meat Option ~$25 of meat on average each week, all from animals raised on our farm, 100% Grass-Fed Beef, Chicken fed Certified Organic Feed, and Pork raised free range on pasture or woodland without any supplemental hormones or antibiotics. Cuts include ground beef, roasts, and steaks, whole or parts of chicken, and pork sausage, bacon, chops, and roasts. 10% discount from $127.50 value = $114.75 includes the NC 2% Sales Tax (add 3% if paying by credit card). The Meat CSA can be picked up weekly or monthly on the second week of December.

Egg Option $6 in a mixed (medium to jumbo sizes) dozen from hens that range freely on pesticide free pastures and in woodlots. The Egg CSA can be picked up weekly or monthly on the second week of each month.

Complete the information below and either mail a check or pay at market, the farm, or via our online store. Link for online store will appear on the thank you screen after you click submit at the bottom of this form.

For more information on our farm and production practices visit If you are traveling or miss a week, meat and egg shares can be made up with same or comparable items. If you can get 10 or more meat shares among your friends or coworkers, a delivery to a location within 30 minutes of the farm may be arranged. Please contact us at to discuss further.

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